Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace (one)

Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace
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I will have a section up, soon! Buy a copy or two for your friends, clients and family. I promise you they will love this book. I hope to see you all at Booksmart in Morgan Hill on March 25th. I will be there from on.

MLM In Cyberspace

Editorial Reviews. Review. I just finished Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace. It was fantastically funny,disarmingly honest and so relevant to today's dating world. Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace [Dianne Sweeney, Susana Myer, Brion Sausser] on A perfect stocking stuffer for my single friends and married friends. --Marina.

Have a great day. Thank you Effie's for a fantastic book signing. Next stop Morgan Hill, Booksmart on 2nd street. March 25th, in the evening. Join me at Effie's on Tuesday, March 2nd from pm for their "First Tuesday" wine and cheese tasting. I will be doing a book signing from to The book will be a special discounted price of 9.

If you have never been to Effie's it is a great place. It is located in Campbell.

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See you there. Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for being such an awesome friend and fan!

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Hurry before they are gone. Special Valentine's Day Price! Don't forget all the loved ones in your life. First Fridays in Downtown San Jose. Have a good weekend all.

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Interesting News, I queried a new publishing house with a new idea for a book, sent them the first two chapters and the outline, and they are interested. We have a phone meeting on Monday at p. The first two chapters are up on my website. Welcome new fans!


Read the first 20 pages on my website. Okay all you sony readers, pdf. Kissing Frogs in now available for purchase in all of those formats. Please let others know about this page.

Lex Law in Cyberspace -- New Developments

We are going for 1, fans by Valentine's day. She left her school group and walked over confidently. Allan smiled as she approached, and she took his left hand and stared at it. Her voice was soft and melodious, and she was developing into a beautiful young woman. She sighed, then turned to re-join her team waving to him as she joined a queue to reboard their bus. Allan felt sad as he watched the bus depart. After graduation Allan decided to seek work while he saved up for a return to school to get his college degree.


Eventually he found work in one of the banks and saved hard avoiding the social scene as much as possible while he took night classes which could count for credits when he eventually returned to school. Her brother had four tickets to a basketball match and was bringing someone but wanted to take his sister along if she could get a date.

Would he come with her? At first Allan said he needed to study for an exam, but June continued to plead, and he eventually agreed.

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As they were ushered to the reserved table Allan gasped in surprise as June introduced him to her brother Rick. Then June smiled as she turned to the mystery woman beside her brother. Brother and sister sat together as they indicated the empty place next to Janet. Janet smiled and picked up his left hand. June almost had fits when I told her what you did to me in class back in the good old days. I warned her not to share the story at work. Janet continued. Allan unwrapped the package wondering what kind of gift Janet would be giving him.

Inside were five ceramic frogs. Allan relaxed and began to enjoy the evening with Janet and her cousins. He turned to June.

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And if you are lucky enough to even get a date or a job, still no one has to give you a chance. Some commentators say that virtually every device and wall socket will one day be wired into the net. Meet Josh Lewis, a sixth grader at the elite Huckley School. You might also see these services described as introduction agencies ; in both cases, staff have personal contact with clients, either on the phone or in person. I see it as only one of many actors in a global power game.

June smiled. Beside I had no idea you two knew each other until yesterday when I casually mentioned the names of some I worked with. When he discovered she was leaving next day to return to classes he grew silent. Rick nodded. Rick got down to business when the two women were out of hearing. She and her team really trashed our girls as I recall. Rick got back to business. She was sad when your family left the farm for town and even sadder when she only had a few minutes with you at the inter-sports competitions you talked about.

But thinking it over quickly he could see Rick was right. He too had been hoping Janet would somehow come back into his orbit. So, when the women returned he addressed Rick and June. Janet studied the ceramic frogs thoughtfully.

How Cyber-Dating Counselors Can Help You

Keep trying! You were so mischievous and always in trouble with that teacher. He was moved soon after you left for town under pressure from parents. Why are you so sober now? June said she tried to get your attention but finally gave up. Did you say June was interested in me? Janet thought about that. I have two more years to go before I finish my nursing degree.

I suppose that would be a possible time for us to get married? Now Allan was thinking at lightning speed. Janet sat in silence thinking. If we were married we could use the money from student housing rent and put it together with some of your salary to rent a cheap apartment. That way you could still save something toward finalizing your college.